Colouring sheets, keychain flash light, phone pop



A trio pack of Saved by the Beep items perfect for your next public education event. Our bilingual colouring pages feature an adorable firefighting bear sure to delight the younger members of your community and the keychain flashlight and phone pop are ideal everyday items that your community will be drawn to. They'll carry smoke alarm safety messaging around with them every day and spark conversations around fire safety long after your event is over!

This Trio pack contains:

Phone Pop Grips: Phone Pop Grips are an exceptionally popular accessory with a wide variety of age demographics making them a great investment for your next public education event. With the Test your Smoke Alarm logo printed on the phone pop, you can make sure that your community carries smoke alarm safety messaging with them everywhere they go!
Tearaway Colouring Pads: These tearaway pads are a great option for public education events with children present and each page has English on one side and French on the other.
Mini Flashlight: This handy bilingual keychain mini flashlight will be a very popular item at your next public education event. Featuring a powerful light and even more powerful safety messaging, these flashlights will definitely catch your community's eye and lead to illuminating smoke alarm safety conversations!
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