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About the Fire Marshal's Public Fire Safety Council

THE FIRE MARSHAL'S PUBLIC FIRE SAFETY COUNCIL (COUNCIL) was established in 1993 to promote fire prevention and public education through sponsorships and partnerships with various groups and individuals with an interest in public safety. The Council also provides opportunities for members to participate in shaping the direction of fire safety strategies across the province by enabling them to have input on fire safety initiatives and share ideas, information and resources toward the common goal of improved fire safety. With the introduction of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 (FPPA), the Council was established as a non-profit corporation without share capital, under the law (Part XI, Section 60). Working at arm's length from government, the Council has the unique ability to raise and disseminate funds, form partnerships and selectively endorse programs and products.

Since 1993, it is estimated that over one million dollars have been provided to the fire service and the public through the Council, its partnerships and the participation of the media.

The Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997(FPPA), shifted the focus of the Ontario fire service to place a priority on fire prevention and public education. While fire suppression will continue to be the most visible part of a fire department's responsibilities, mandatory fire prevention and public education will send a clear message that prevention and public education are the most important factors for fire safety in Ontario today.

Through the Office of the Fire Marshal, the province fulfils its role in promoting fire prevention and public education by continuing to provide broad-based fire prevention and public education materials to municipalities and local fire departments, by educating the fire service on effective prevention techniques, and by facilitating the participation and support of the private sector and other interested groups.

The Council has had considerable success in bringing together members of the fire service, other community safety organizations and the private sector to promote prevention and public education on a province-wide scale.

The Council's core values and guiding principles are:

That the citizens of Ontario have a right to life in an environment safe from fire

That awareness of fire safety is critical in modifying behaviour that results in injury and loss of life, either directly or indirectly

That to educate the entire population of Ontario in fire safety, we must be sensitive to its particular needs and address them (disabilities, age, vulnerable groups, diverse needs of the community, etc.)

That there is value in consulting with stakeholders in fire safety; therefore, we must promote and develop innovative partnerships with the broader public and private sectors

To provide access to high quality programs

To strengthen the relationship with the Office of the Fire Marshal and other partners


Link to providing feedback on serving customers with disabilities: http://www.mcscs.jus.gov.on.ca/english/publications/AccPlan13_14.html

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