Sparky Costume



Sparky the Fire Dog® is the best-know figure in fire prevention today. The Sparky Costume is an especially exciting tool for teaching fire and safety awareness because it is so interactive.  It can be used with great success in many venues, such as classrooms, parades, assemblies, station tours, mall and store exhibits, community events and other appropriate activities. The costume head has great visibility, allowing the wearer to maneuver easily in classrooms and other restricted areas. It comes installed with a dual-fan cooling system to keep the operator cool during use.

Sparky will make your public education and fire safety programs much more fun and effective!

For the best storage and protection of your Sparky costume, it is highly recommended to purchase the specifically designed SP-CASE - sold seperately.

Sparky is a trademark character of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


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