Fire Safety on the Job Brochures (2019)



Make easy work of educating the workplace about fire safety with NFPA®'s new Fire Safety on the Job Brochures!

Everyone in the workplace needs to understand fire-safety basics -- it can help save lives and property and head off devastating disasters! Put fire-safety to work and show employees in an easy-to-read and understand way:

  • Five ways to prevent fires at work.
  • How to fix fire hazards.
  • Seven ways to be prepared in the event of a fire emergency.
  • What to do in the event of fire.
  • Essential steps to take if you work in a high-rise building.
  • One essential number to always have by the phone.

Fire Safety On the Job Brochures help raise awareness, reduce risks, and ensure employees are prepared for a fire emergency by reminding staff to:

  • Turn off appliances and unplug them after workers leave.
  • Smoke in designated areas only.
  • Report damaged electrical cords to building maintenance.
  • Know the sound of the building's alarm—and how to escape from every area of the building.

All of NFPA's Brochures are produced to safeguard lives and property in your community. Order now! (4-color, Package of 100, Adults)

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