10 Tips for Fire Safety Brochures (100 / Pkg.)



Ten simple, easy-to-follow tips are the "Golden Rules" of fire safety everyone can follow -- and they're great for handing out at open houses and community events.

Tips are written in a brief, simple-to-understand way, and are easy to follow and remember! They cover everything from cooking, smoke alarms, candles, and escape plans to electrical hazards, space heaters, and more.

NFPA®'s 10 Tips for Fire Safety Brochures teach important safety points such as:

  • When to replace electrical cords
  • How often to practice your escape plan
  • Where to install smoke alarms and which type to install
  • Safe distance to keep space heaters and candles from items that can burn
  • When to replace smoke alarms
  • What to look for if you live in an apartment building or condo

Order today! 10 Tips for Fire Safety Brochures are professionally written and produced to safeguard lives and property in your community. (4-color, Package of 100, Grade 6-Adult)

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