Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement 8th Edition



Make sure that you have the training and certification needed to provide the best risk reduction to your community. Reducing community risk requires trained individuals to verify that a locality adheres to locally adopted fire and life-safety standards for structural safety components in construction and renovations. Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement, 8th Edition, provides fire and emergency services personnel and civilian inspectors with the basic information necessary to meet the job performance requirements (JPRs) of NFPA® 1031 for Level I and Level II Fire Inspectors. Chapters are delineated with two clearly marked sections: the first section for Level I information followed by a second section for Level II information.

Chapter List

1. Duties and Authority
2. Codes, Standards, and Permits
3. Fire Behavior
4. Construction Types and Occupancy Classifications
5. Building Construction
6. Building Components
7. Means of Egress
8. Site Access
9. Fire Hazard Recognition
10. Hazardous Materials
11. Water Supply Distribution Systems
12. Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems
13. Special-Hazard Fire Extinguishing Systems and Portable Extinguishers
14. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
15. Plans Review
16. Inspection Procedures


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