Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics Video Series #12: Safety



"Leigh Hollins has taught school bus extrication since 1994, and this professionally done presentation is proof of his expertise... This video is excellent for training purposes. No matter how many auto and truck extrications you may have responded to, school buses are a different "ball game" and require specialized training. This video is vital for your fire department training center resource library." -- John Malecky, 1st Responder

Basics aren'Œëít enough at bus accidents. That'Œëís why you need School Bus Extrication! Join Leigh Hollins as he explains the likelihood of school bus disasters, and guides you through the complex challenges you'Œëíll encounter on the scene of such accidents.

Do you think of young children in large, yellow vehicles when you hear the words "school bus"? Think again. School buses today come in a variety of sizes, and are used by everyone from church groups to river rafting outfits. These buses are on the road every day of the week, every hour of the day.

Responders who may be well trained and experienced at car and light truck extrication techniques will be confronted with a much different challenge at a school bus incident.

In this video you will learn:

  • The potential for mass casualties
  • The problems you'Œëíll face
  • School bus types
  • School bus construction
  • School bus features
  • Rescue and extrication techniques
  • Considerations
  • Tactics
  • Incident preparation
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