Firefighting operations in High-Rise and Stanpipe-Equiped B



This book establishes a proper firefighting mindset and promotes maintaining preparedness for the extreme physical and mental demands of firefighting operations in high-rise and standpipe-equipped buildings. Armed with firefighting weapons that would be much more appropriate at a car fire, far too many fire departments are on a collision course with disaster and tragedy, should they encounter a serious high-rise fire. District Chief McGrail draws from his 25 years of experience, along with lessons learned from many other fire service professionals, to provide a foundation for success and safety during high-rise and standpipe operations. The words "Everyone Comes Home" are just words. The actions necessary to ensure that everyone does come home are based on a lifelong commitment to excellence and the consistent application of good fireground habits. This book is a compilation of those good habits and the many lessons learned by a man who is truly passionate about firefighting and firefighter safety and survival.

Among the many valuable topics covered in this book are:

  • ŒStandpipe system pressure regulating devices, pressure restricting devices and pressure reducing valves
  • ŒCautious and disciplined elevator use during high-rise operations
  • ŒElevator rescue operations
  • ŒProper engine company suppression selection, including techniques to operate more powerful firefighting weapons with limited manpower
  • ŒAir support operations during high-rise emergencies, with or without an internal resource


  • The firefighting mind-set
  • The high-rise building
  • Low-rise and other standpipe-equipped buildings
  • The standpipe system
  • The problem defined
  • Elevator operations
  • 7 stairway operations
  • Hoseline selection
  • Nozzle selection
  • The standpipe equipment kit
  • Engine company operations
  • Water supply
  • Truck company operations
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Air movement and ventilation
  • Rapid intervention team (RIT) operations
  • Command and control
  • Air support operations
  • Communications
  • Preparing for battle
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