Tom Brennan's Random Thoughts



"Random Thoughts" from a Firefighting Legend

Former New York City captain and former editor of Fire Engineering, Tom Brennan was a true legend in the fire service. For nearly two decades he wrote the most widely read column in Fire Engineering magazine, "Random Thoughts" by Tom Brennan. For the first time, the entire 18-year collection of Tom's "Random Thoughts" columns are assembled and presented in book format.

All the topics important to firefighters are here, basic tactics and strategy, decision-making, incident management; Tom addressed all issues for all levels of the service. Passionate, straightforward, humorous, he packed a lot of himself, plus lifesaving information into every column. Readers have the benefit of advice and wisdom from one of the most respected firemen in FDNY history.

While Tom passed away in 2006, his legacy as a firefighter, instructor and leader will never be surpassed. Reading his columns provides insight, humor and a chance for a little better understanding of the hard-charging "Tommy Truck," and you still learn something valuable, from his first column in 1988, to his last one.

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