Chemicals Used for Illegal Purposes



Learn to identify chemicals used for illegal purposes while ensuring the safety of first responders and the general public

First responders who are not prepared to recognize specific chemicals on the scene may not know the intended use or possible dangers of the chemicals in question. This lack of knowledge can lead to disastrous consequences such as chemical combustion and exposure to poisonous substances. It is therefore critical for anyone who comes in contact with suspicious chemical caches, including police officers, bomb squad members, drug enforcement officials, chemists, government regulators, industrial hygienists, and hazardous waste disposal professionals, to be able to identify chemicals and their intended use.

Chemicals Used for Illegal Purposes provides an easy–to–use reference for professionals, enabling them to identify chemical substances and determine if they are being used for illegal purposes or to manufacture illegal substances such as drugs, explosives, pyrotechnics, nerve agents, and other toxins. A parent who might find a cache of chemicals in their child's possession, would have the knowledge to possibly prevent a catastrophic situation. The book is filled with practical information and features that enable readers to gather information and make determinations quickly and safely, including:

Alphabetical list of the most common chemicals used for illegal purposes

Detailed diagrams of both high–end and jury–rigged equipment to assist first responders in the recognition of an illegal manufacturing operation

Profiles of dangerous chemicals, including their appearance, smell, incompatibilities, and identification tests

Written by an industry insider with extensive field experience dealing with hazardous materials sites, this book is filled with practical guidelines that not only enable readers to correctly identify illegal activities, but also ensure their own safety and the safety of the general public.

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