Firefighter I and II series, 33 DVD's



Firefighter I DVD Titles

Closed Captioning included

Firefighter Safety: Part 1
Firefighter Safety: Part 2
Fire Dynamics
SCBA 1: Introduction
SCBA 2: Use & Maintenance
Personal Protective Clothing
Portable Extinguishers
Ropes & Knots
Fire Control 1
Ladders 1
Ladders 2
Ventilation Basics & Horizontal Procedures
Vertical Ventilation
Fire Hose Basics
Handling Hose
Advancing Hoselines
Fire Streams
Forcible Entry
Fire Detection, Alarms Communications
Lighting & Power Sources
Property Conservation: Salvage
Property Conservation: Overhaul
Sprinkler Systems

Firefighter II DVD Titles

Closed Captioning included

Building Construction
Rescue Operations
Advanced Ventilation
Water Supply
Fire Control 2
Foam Fire Streams
Fire Hose Appliances
Fire Origin & Cause
Pre-Incident & Fire Safety Surveys
Fire Prevention & Public Education

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