Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Comm



Reduce commercial kitchen fires and help protect people and property by following the life-saving provisions of NFPA 96, 2021 edition.

Every year, there are thousands of fires in eating and drinking establishments, posing a significant risk of injuries, fatalities, and millions of dollars in damages. NFPA 96, Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, provides broad-based preventive and operative fire safety requirements for the design, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance of commercial kitchens.

The standard covers requirements for all types of cooking equipment, fans, stove exhaust hoods, grease removal devices, cooking exhaust systems, fire-suppression systems, and clearance to combustibles. Provisions apply to both public and private kitchens as well as commercial cooking operations involving residential cooking equipment.

The 2021 edition offers the latest information and criteria for commercial kitchen safety and compliance.

NFPA 96 is a must-have for designers, installers, owners, operators, inspectors, maintenance staff, and anyone with concerns for minimizing fire hazards in commercial kitchens. The revised standard features shading that helps quickly identify changes from the previous edition; 'N' icons to mark new articles, text, tables, and figures; and bullets to denote deleted paragraphs.

Important updates include:

  • A new chapter on mobile and temporary cooking operations (this content, formerly located in Annex B, has been moved into the body of the standard to provide the minimum fire safety requirements for mobile and temporary cooking operations)
  • Removal of duplicate requirements related to mobile and temporary cooking operations and modified language throughout the standard to clarify the provisions for buildings as well as mobile and temporary cooking operations
  • Addition of the equivalent UL standards to be used in Canada
  • Replacement of the term activate with the proper term actuate throughout the standard

Get the most current general provisions for fire safety around public and private commercial kitchens.

Restaurants, caterers, banquet halls, food trucks, and other businesses and facilities with cooking operations present particular fire hazards that can destroy property and potentially put a large number of lives in danger. Help make sure you have the most relevant information for mitigating risks and being ready for an emergency by placing your order for NFPA 96, Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.

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