Guide for Emergency and Safety Operations at Motorsports Ven



Apply NFPA 610 to optimize fire suppression, rescue, and medical care in emergency situations at motorsports venues.

Recent NASCAR tragedies bring home the critical importance of emergency preparedness at these types of events. NFPA 610: Guide for Emergency and Safety Operations at Motorsports Venues reflects the use of National Incident Management System (NIMS) and provides racetrack owners, operators, promoters, first responders, insurers, and sanctioning agencies with comprehensive guidelines for implementing safety and emergency response strategies.

Guidelines in NFPA 610 apply to both indoor and outdoor motorsports events -- at temporary or permanent facilities -- with emphasis on planning and training as a means of ensuring that personnel are equipped with the appropriate resources to handle emergency situations.

The 2014 edition of NFPA 610 is a complete Incident Action Plan.

The Emergency Action Plan (EAP) was changed to Incident Action Plan (IAP) to reflect greater compatibility with commonly used terms in the emergency management field. This global change is reflected throughout the body of the document and the Sample Incident Action Plan in Annex B. The IAP includes language for the newly defined Level I through Level III motorsports events. This change underscores that NFPA 610 is intended for event-specific safety preparation and not a full venue risk-reduction plan.

Other major changes include:

  • Consolidated recommendations in Chapter 8 that reflect a single section for all staffing information needs
  • Updated figures and sample forms
  • Clarified PPE recommendations

Use the latest NFPA 610 to be sure that emergency workers are properly trained and equipped, and that venue personnel are ready and able to deploy resources to optimize fire suppression, rescue, and medical care for competitors in post-crash situations, while also providing for the safety of first responders. (Softbound, 53 pp., 2014)

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