NFPA 495: Explosive Materials Code, 2013 Edition



Control hazards when handling explosives by complying with the latest safety provisions in the 2013 NFPA 495.

NFPA 495: Explosive Materials Code identifies reasonable levels of safety for the manufacture, transportation, storage, sale, and use of explosive materials, including blasting agents, water gel and emulsion materials, smokeless propellants, black powder propellants, and small arms ammunition. It does not apply to transportation of such material used for military purposes or when under jurisdiction of the federal government.

The 2013 edition features a major revision on the ground vibration chapter, including:

  • Additional requirements pertaining to use of seismographs
  • An expanded Air Overpressure section that adds in a maximum allowable limit of air overpressure, 133 dB

This important Code is essential for explosives manufacturers; small arms manufacturers, distributors, or retailers; or enforcers such as fire and building officials. (Softbound, 58 pp., 2013)


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