Standard for Aircraft Fuel Servicing



Keep ground crew, passengers, aircraft, and other property safe from aviation fuel fire hazards with the 2017 edition of NFPA 407: Standard for Aircraft Fuel Servicing.

NFPA 407 outlines vital safety provisions for procedures, equipment, and installations during fuel servicing of aircraft. The rewritten and reorganized 2017 edition makes it easier for facility managers, facility operations staff, and AHJs to understand, implement and enforce critical provisions that help ensure safe:

  • Aircraft fueling
  • Aircraft fueling hose
  • Fuel servicing vehicles
  • Self-service aircraft fueling
  • Rapid refueling of helicopters
  • Rapid refueling of fixed-wing aircraft -- first-time requirements in this edition
  • Non-driven hydrant carts

User-friendly format streamlines referencing time.

To help users navigate and apply vital requirements, a new general chapter applies to all types of aircraft fueling facilities. Four specific chapters apply to aviation fueling facilities, airport fueling vehicles, rooftop heliports, and self-service aircraft fueling. Each specific chapter includes sections addressing "design" and "operation," with consistent numbering to help users locate similar topics.

Be prepared to protect people and your facility from unique hazards around aircraft fuel services.

Order the 2017 edition of NFPA 407 today for the information you need to safeguard ground crew, passengers, aircraft, and other property. (Print, 40 pp., 2017)

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