Standard for Wildland Fire Apparatus



Protect fire service personnel and deliver fireground success using NFPA 1906 to ensure wildland fire apparatus is up to the task.

Combatting wildland fires often requires specialty vehicles, and NFPA 1906: Standard for Wildland Fire Apparatus is essential for manufacturers along with fire chiefs, purchasing authorities, and fleet managers. It's your source for requirements for new automotive wildland fire apparatus, including apparatus equipped with a slip-on fire fighting module, designed primarily to support wildland fire suppression operations. Separate chapters address chassis and vehicle components; low voltage electrical systems and warning devices; driving and crew areas; body, compartments, and equipment mounting; pumps for wildland fire fighting and associated equipment; and water tanks.

First-time chapters in the 2016 NFPA 1906 reflect new technologies and help improve personnel safety.

Major changes in this edition make it a must for engineers who design specialty apparatus and fire chiefs and others responsible for fireground operations, personnel health and welfare, and apparatus budget management:

  • A new chapter addresses the design of wildland fire crew carriers, with coverage of the latest safeguards for fire fighters on board.
  • A new chapter on Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) fire pumps and associated equipment reflects the increased use of UHP Fire Pumps with a rated discharge pressure of 1100 psi or greater.
  • Manufacturers and purchasers will find first-time guidance for the design, testing, and performance of this technology.
  • Added requirements in Chapter 14 address the design of the On-Board Pump-and-Roll Firefighting Position -- a seated, belted, and protected position that allows for safe and effective use of pump-and-roll operations in situations where walk along-side Pump-and-Roll operations are not practical.

All new wildland fire apparatus should be constructed to comply with the latest edition of NFPA 1906, especially those that are intended to be contracted for use on federal lands, to provid

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