Standard on Training for Initial Emergency Scene Operations



Provide fire department personnel with the training and insight to help perform emergency scene operations faster and more efficiently.

It is critical that fire service training instructors and chief and company officers have a means of evaluating the readiness of personnel with duties responding to emergency incidents. NFPA® 1410, Standard on Training for Emergency Scene Operations, offers an unbiased process of assessing the capabilities of personnel engaged in these potentially hazardous activities.

This document covers the performance evaluation of personnel with designated general evolutions that adapt based on the particular conditions. The standard establishes a baseline competency in training for fire suppression and rescue operations and offers general requirements for evaluations, emergency scene incident command, evolution preparation, and logistics. NFPA 1410 also includes provisions for equipment, components, operations, and rapid intervention crews (RICs) as well as instructive and explanatory Annex references and materials that provide guidance for the user.

NFPA 1410, 2020 edition, features significant revisions to reflect advancements in practices, equipment, and technology.

Keep your emergency scene operations training program on the cutting edge with the most relevant information. NFPA codes and standards are regularly reviewed and updated to provide you with access to the most current knowledge.

Changes to this edition include:

  • Updates throughout the document of all referenced material to ensure accuracy and relevance
  • Edited definitions for improved consistency with terms that are used within the text following the Manual of Style for NFPA Technical Committee Documents
  • Relocation of requirements for the correct use of PPE and SCBA from Chapter 11 to Chapter 4
  • Addition of new requirements for the verification of full SCBA cylinders and PASS device operation
  • A variety of additional amendments for the purposes of document and project consistency to reflect all other changes

Ensure your department is ready to execute well-planned and coordinated emergency scene operations by referencing the latest training criteria.

NFPA 1410, Standard on Training for Emergency Scene Operations, is a powerful resource for helping to improve public safety by improving fire response proficiency. Get updated by ordering your copy of the 2020 edition.

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