Guide for Land-Based Fire Departments That Respond to Marine



Provide your department with the information and guidance to give personnel the training required to extinguish marine vessel fires effectively.

There are significant hazards and challenges unique to fighting fires on vessels. Originally created at the request of and in cooperation with the United States Coast Guard, NFPA 1405, Guide for Land-Based Fire Departments That Respond to Marine Vessel Fires, delivers a comprehensive document offering assistance and support in developing the necessary tactics and strategies for adequately handling these specialized operations.

The guide covers the primary components of a marine fire-fighting response program ranging from pre-fire planning, training, and vessel familiarization and stability to communications and incident management, special hazards, and post-incident activities. You get the latest criteria and practices contributed from experts on the subject of shipboard fire fighting along with supportive and explanatory information, including:

  • Referenced publications
  • General and official definitions
  • Elements of marine environments
  • Symbols used on fire control plans
  • Pre-fire survey guide
  • Sample vessel fire checklist and more

The 2020 edition of the guide is updated to account for the most current marine vessel on-board fire hazards and modern land-based fire service capabilities.

NFPA 1405 is the go-to source for establishing an exhaustive fire-response program for incidents on vessels calling on U.S. ports or that apply to the Safety of Life at Sea international maritime treaty. The document was reviewed and revised to better align with the NFPA® Manual of Style and features updated references and extracted material. The Technical Committee on Fire Service Training also made extensive edits to be in coordination with current U.S. Coast Guard regulations based on recent organizational changes and existing guidelines.

Give fire chiefs and commanders the information required to plan for and conduct marine fire-fighting operations with confidence.

When land-based fire departments have marine emergencies that fall under their jurisdiction, it's crucial to have the knowledge and training to get the job done safely and efficiently. Help make sure your personnel is ready for every call by referencing NFPA 1405, Guide for Land-Based Fire Departments That Respond to Marine Vessel Fires, 2020 edition.

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