(o) Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems,



Install standpipe and hose system with updated requirements in NFPA 14.

Water-based fire protection keeps evolving. The latest edition of NFPA 14: Standard for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems reflects major industry changes, to help you improve fire protection and fire safety through correct design, installation, testing, inspection, and maintenance. It's an industry essential from project planning throughout the life of the standpipe or hose system.

Revised for consistency with the 2016 edition of NFPA 13: Installation of Sprinkler Systems, NFPA 14 includes chapters on:

  • System components and hardware
  • Installation
  • Design
  • Plans and calculations
  • Water supply and water supply testing
  • System acceptance
  • Buildings under construction
  • Testing, inspection, and maintenance

Significant revisions in this edition involve:

  • Protection of aboveground piping
  • Indicating-type valve requirement for controlling branch lines
  • Class I Systems
  • Horizontal exits
  • Clarified minimum sizes for standpipes and branch lines
  • Flow tests

Bottom line: NFPA 14 is essential for system designers and installers along with insurance professionals, AHJs, and anyone responsible for the operational readiness of standpipe and hose systems. (Softbound, 59 pp., 2016)


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