Fireground Size-Up Set (text and study guide)



This book is designed to give the reader an in-depth review of 15 recognized size-up points for the different occupancies listed. In each different type of building referenced, the author covers the following: construction concerns, occupancy, apparatus and staffing, life hazard, terrain, water supply, auxiliary appliances and aides, street conditions, weather, exposures, area, location and extent of fire, time, height, and special considerations.

This book is of interest to firefighters and fire officers studying for promotional exams, current fire officers who wish to study proven information about a particular type of building and its concerns, and college and fire academies who deliver courses related to fire officer training and education.

-Comprehensive guide to proven size-up points
-Proven experience to make the fireground safer and more efficient
-Discussion questions included with each chapter

The Fifteen Points of Size-Up
Private Dwellings
Multiple Dwellings
-Taxpayers/Strip Malls and Stores
-Garden Apartments and Townhouses
-Row Frames and Brownstones
-Factories, Lofts, and Warehouses
-Vacant Buildings

Includes Study Guide

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