The Tactical Firefighter



A firefighter needs to be combat ready 24/7, consistently self-improving—a person who is mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared, can adapt as needed, buys into the positive culture of the department, and is not afraid to step up and get the job done, no matter how mundane the task. That person will pour blood, sweat, and tears into the job. Tactical means constantly able to adapt and implement small-scale actions for a larger purpose, which is to serve the community that has entrusted firefighters with their lives.

The Tactical Firefighter is the culmination of the knowledge and experience of leaders who have contributed effective and efficient techniques and tactics to the development of the fire service. We are all students of the fire service, and we have been fortunate to learn from the best the country has to offer. We thank those industry leaders for leading by example and being the best they can be. 


This text presents a thorough study of the tactics of:

Engine company operations  
Truck company operations    
Rescue company operations
And more!      
By Mark van der Feyst, Matt Wehrle, Rob Wiggins

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