Mastering Fireground Command DVD #3: Commercial Buildings



In his Mastering Fireground Command DVD series, Anthony Kastros captures the essential elements of commanding structure fires, including size-up, strategy and tactics, building construction, fire behavior, communications, and the real world use of the Incident Command System (ICS). A combination of actual fire footage, simulations, training footage, and graphics are utilized in this DVD series to instill the proper use of street smart ICS on the fireground.

DVD #3 provides a real world application of ICS for the street, and then focuses on the use of ICS during fires involving commercial buildings, including stand alone, strip mall, big boxes, bowling alleys, and more. Actual command post footage is included.

Benefits and features:

  • Includes actual command post dash-camera footage of motel and commercial occupancy fires
  • Provides multiple commercial fireground simulation exercises for student practice, including stand alone, strip mall, and big box commercial occupancies
  • Tactical worksheet may be downloaded
  • Improve command skills for structure fires
  • Increase knowledge and application of ICS
  • Expand knowledge of structure fire strategy and tactics, thereby impacting the ability to command in a safe, effective, and efficient manner
  • Understanding the NIOSH top five LODD causal factors, and how ICS can positively affect them
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