Fire Department Special Operations


As most public safety professionals are aware, the events that require emergency response personnel also frequently attract members of the news media. In emergencies ranging from terrorist attacks to a car accident on a local road, reporters and cameramen on the scene often use the comments and actions of front-line responders as integral components to their news story. With this in mind, Media Relations for Public Safety Professionals provides a primer for emergency responders who find themselves confronted by the media. Covering such essential topics as press releases, the types of media, and interviewing techniques, this book provides public safety professionals with the tools necessary to successfully interact with the media. The wide range of topics and information covered by Media Relations for Public Safety Professionals makes it an indispensable resource for any level emergency response personnel, from the department rookie to the seasoned Public Relations Officer. This book is part of the EMS Continuing Education Series. As an EMS provider, you know that your education does not stop when you finish your initial training. The things you learn in the field and in continuing education classes give you the extra skills and knowledge to make you the best provider you can be. The EMS Continuing Education Series was created to help you take that extra step toward not just being a great provider, but an outstanding one.
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