Home Smoke Alarms Brochures - 2019



Prevent fires and save lives in your community with the fundamentals of home smoke alarm safety!

People in your community need the facts: in half of the fires in which smoke alarms did not operate, the batteries had been removed or disconnected. And, three out of five fire deaths happen in homes with either no smoke alarms or smoke alarms that were not working. With the right knowledge and the top tips for home smoke alarm safety, you can help make the homes and the people in your community a whole lot safer!

Now it's easy to get the word out that working smoke alarms save lives with these informative NFPA® Home Smoke Alarms Brochures!

Packed full of terrific tips and important facts, Home Smoke Alarms is easy-to-read and easy-to-understand and provides all of the working smoke alarm safety rules for using these early warning devices, including:

  • Choosing the right alarms
  • How to prevent and stop nuisance alarms
  • The proper types of alarms to install in the home for the best protection
  • Helpful tips for Installation and placement of smoke alarms
  • Properly testing and maintaining smoke alarms
  • How to recognize when the battery is low
  • When to replace smoke alarms

Working smoke alarms save lives. Give these brochures to people and families in your community at open houses and community events or presentations.

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