Bread & Butter DVD Series


A select panel of distinguished fire service educators has updated the renowned "“Bread and Butter"” fireground training video series.Building on the vast knowledge of the first edition, the updated 2012 edition expands on and illustrates many of the basic skills critical to successful fireground operations.

The 2012 edition—with all new video and graphics—was designed specifically to demonstrate how to properly accomplish these tasks and to illustrate their effect on the fireground.

The 7-DVD set includes:

  • Car Fires by Doug Leihbacher, Battalion Chief (Ret.) Yonkers Fire Department
  • Fire Streams by Aaron Fields, Seattle (WA) Fire Department
  • Ground Ladders by Lt. Mike Ciampo, FDNY
  • Initial Attack Lines by Jeff Shupe, Division Chief, North Myrtle Beach (SC)
  • SCBA by Phil Jose, Battalion Chief, Seattle (WA) Fire Department
  • Search and Rescue by John "Skip" Coleman, Asst. Chief (Ret.), Toledo (OH) Fire Rescue
  • Ventilation by Joe Alvarez, Firefighter, Maplewood (NJ) Fire Department