Emergency Evacuation: What Every Employee Should Know


Deliver solid evacuation procedures to help workers survive fire and other emergencies!

Today, there are new threats to our safety and security that make evacuation training more essential than ever. NFPA®'s Emergency Evacuation: What Every Employee Should Know Video provides dynamic instruction on escape planning, emergency response, and evacuation procedures designed to increase your employees' chances of safe escape in a crisis situation.

Satisfy federal, state, and municipal mandates for educating employees on fire safety and evacuation.

Suitable for all types of workplaces, the video shows evacuations in a variety of settings to demonstrate correct behaviors in action. Based on industry best practices, it provides a solid foundation of knowledge and sets the stage for additional coaching on your facility's specific procedures.

Don't be caught off-guard. Prepare your employees for the unexpected now!

After watching the program, you will appreciate why it is so important to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the emergency plan for your building and your role in it
  • React quickly to alarms or other indicators of emergency conditions
  • Identify key decision points in the evacuation process and take responsibility for your own safety
  • Understand when and why the best tactic may be to stay inside the building
  • Use the concept of R.E.D. (React, Evaluate, and Decide) as a guide for evacuation in unusual or extreme situations

Invest in life-saving knowledge you can trust!

Emergency Evacuation is an essential employee resource for teaching safety directors, facility managers, training directors, loss prevention managers, facility fire chiefs, and human resources managers. Order your copy today! (14 min., Presenter's Guide)