Community Helper Instructor Guide


Connect with kids over fire safety with the Community Helper Instructor Guide.

Having conversations and introducing children to firefighters as community helpers can serve to build a safer world. The Community Helper Instructor Guide provides everything you need in a single product to engage kids in fun and creative ways and show them how firefighters protect themselves and people and property.

Ideal for events planned during Fire Prevention Week™ and throughout the year, these all-in-one kits include a variety of National Fire Protection Association® materials that firefighters and educators can present to young audiences preschool and up.

The Community Helper Instructor Guide includes:

  • Fire-Safety Activities instructor guide providing a variety of engaging learning exercises for helping you get the most out of your classroom visits
  • Firefighter Poster showing the specialized gear firefights wear to keep themselves safe so they can help people in the community
  • 5 x 11-inch cards of a firefighter, umpire, construction worker, and dentist and a set of job cards for kids to match the tasks to the appropriate community helper
  • Protective vinyl pouch to keep all your materials organized and safe between events

The Community Helper Instructor Guide makes lifelong safety advocates of children. The knowledge and enthusiasm generated carry over to peers, parents, and the broader community to get them involved, too.

Lay the foundation for a safer future by building relationships and inspiring kids. Order your Community Helper Instructor Guide today!


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