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  • Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 6th Exam Prep.

    Exam Prep Print

    Prepare for certification exams. 500+ multiple choice questions.

    This product is the exam prep of the print textbook: Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 6th Edition.

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  • Fire Officer Principles and Practice 4th Edition

    The fourth edition of Fire Officer: Principles and Practice was significantly updated and reorganized to better serve the Fire Officer I and Fire Officer II. The content meets and exceeds the job performance requirements for Fire Officer I and II in the 2020 Edition of NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications. The new edition places an emphasis on the application of leadership traits and management theories, common leadership and management challenges, and how leadership is used to meet objectives. The basic principles and methods of Community Risk Reduction are also discussed.

    In addition, the program now has two distinct sections: Section One includes eight chapters, which set the foundation for Fire Officer I knowledge and understanding. Section Two comprises six chapters, which encompass the higher level competencies required for Fire Officer II. This new organization will allow you the flexibility to teach your Fire Officer I and II course(s) exactly the way you wish.
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  • The New Company Officer

    As firefighters, even how we answer the phone or the door makes a first and lasting impression on the public and the community we serve. Author Jason Hoevelmann fills in the gaps that may exist in fire service teaching to better prepare you for a lifetime of the greatest job on earth. The New Company Officer tackles the not-so-obvious challenges you will face during your fire service career.


    Why do firefighters make bad decisions on the job and off duty?
    How can firefighters deal with their own problems and their challenges as firefighters?
    How can you enrich our own career and help your fellow firefighters improve, grow, and advance their own career?
    The New Company Officer strives to make a big impact on your department and your success. “We do an excellent job pulling hose and throwing ladders,” Hoevelmann writes, “but how do we deal with people every day?” Some of the goals book will help you to achieve are to: be prepared, set expectations, follow through, serve, listen, be humble, be a leader, make no excuses, do your best, and do what others won’t do.

    What you will learn:

    How to handle difficult colleagues
    How to create company drills that keep your firefighters proficient
    How to delegate and lead by example

    86 pages/Softcover/6x9/2018
    ISBN10: 1593704119
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