How to Prevent Home Fires Video


Show how small actions are a big help in preventing fires with NFPA®'s How to Prevent Home Fires Video!

Give people the knowledge they need to fight fire and win! NFPA's imaginative video -- How to Prevent Home Fires -- memorably demonstrates that everyday things, if not used properly, can become dangerous and even life-threatening, but that following simple precautions can head off fires before they start.

Share vital facts on the major causes of fires and how to prevent them.

Audiences may be surprised as they watch scenes from an ordinary day in the life of typical people in a typical neighborhood and realize just how many different types of fire hazards we all face every day. The fact is that people cause fires -- and thousands of injuries and deaths could be prevented every year if folks incorporated fire prevention fundamentals into their daily lives.

See fire safety from a whole new perspective!

The video's striking combination of live action and graphics brings fire prevention concepts to life like never before! For example, a little space heater expands to become a big danger when someone moves it too close to an upholstered chair. Show this unique video at your community outreach programs and provide lessons on a wide range of fire prevention and response topics, including:

  • Kitchen and cooking safety
  • Space heaters, fireplaces, and furnaces
  • Electrical outlets, extension cords, and light bulbs
  • Flammable liquids
  • Smoking safety
  • Candles
  • Smoke alarms
  • Escape plans

Ideal for classroom use, fire department open house events, and presentations by community groups and civic organizations, this innovative video is an excellent addition to any fire safety presentation throughout the year. (Grades 5 and up, Family, 12 min., Presenter's Guide)


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