Surviving A Disaster Video


NFPA®'s Surviving A Disaster Video shows your community what could happen...and prepares people to make critical decisions when every second counts!

Dramatic news accounts of recent devastating disasters set the stage for this compelling program that introduces people to risks we all face -- from severe weather to terrorist acts -- and how to protect our families and homes. NFPA's Surviving A Disaster Video gives fire departments, schools, and community-based safety and civic organizations a way to communicate basic survival strategies to a broad audience.

Reliable facts are presented in the familiar style of local emergency event coverage.

During and after a natural or man-made disaster, emergency assistance from local officials and relief workers could be hours or even days away. Surviving a Disaster emphasizes the importance of thorough planning as the primary survival strategy for any type of disaster event -- and details how an emergency readiness and evacuation plan will help with safety, security, and comfort.

Life-saving steps that could apply in all types of disasters include:

  • Knowing whether to shelter in place or evacuate
  • Following the instructions of local emergency personnel
  • Assembling a family disaster supplies kit
  • And other practices that safeguard the public against loss of life from large and small-scale events

Make sure residents know how to survive!

Use this program as part of your local emergency management strategy. (Grade 6+, Family, 15 min.)


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