Campaigns for 2016 - 2017

Throughout the year, the Fire Marshal's Public Fire Safety Council provides many opportunities for fire departments across Ontario to help promote fire safety in their communities with little or no cost to the departments


Spring Into Summer...Spring Into Safety            

Every year, the Council offers the fire services the opportunity to purchase spring resource kits at greatly reduced pricing.  These kits contain public education information and promotional items specially selected to help fire departments implement successful spring and summer campaigns in their communities.  Each kit contains more than 875 public education and safety items, with the cost of these subsidized by the Council’s generous sponsors.  This kit is the perfect way to complement departmental initiatives that focus on spring and summer safety to help promote awareness and reinforce safe behaviours that directly result in the reduction of the loss of life and property.


  Swing Into Summer

Each spring, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council and Council sponsors launch the “Swing into Summer Safety” campaign to educate Ontario school-age children and their families about fire safety and other preventable injuries. 

The campaign focuses on key summer fire safety issues such as barbeque, camping, cottage and fuel safety, while positioning key campaign partners as socially responsible, safety-oriented organizations.  The official campaign website, is hosted by safety partner TSSA and contains resources for fire departments and tips for a successful campaign as well as sample news and media releases.

In 2016, over 157,000 decks of high gloss, Blue Jays player baseball cards containing fire and injury prevention safety messages were distributed throughout Ontario.  Other campaign resources included banners, posters, t-shirts, newspaper advertisements and public service announcement messaging for television and radio.

More than 200 Ontario fire departments participated at the grass roots level in 2016, with each department receiving complimentary player safety baseball cards, posters and banners on a per capita basis.  During "Fire Safety Day", held at the Rogers Centre, Toronto Fire Services distributed the safety message baseball cards to thousands of school children who attended the event.  On the same day, five municipal fire departments hosted a campaign launch in their communities with school children and the media in attendance.


Project Zero and Project Assist  

One of the roles of the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council is to develop partnerships between members of the fire safety community and the general public.  Project Assist and Project Zero are strong examples of these partnerships at work. 

Project Zero  

The Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council, partner Enbridge Gas Distribution, and Ontario municipal fire departments are working together to provide combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to Ontario residents through the Project Zero campaign. 

The objective of this unique campaign is to provide these alarms to fire departments for delivery to high-risk areas and individuals so that if deadly carbon monoxide or smoke is detected, residents will have the early warning they need to safely escape.  The campaign also promotes awareness about the importance of properly maintaining fuel-fired appliances and installing and/or replacing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.  

Since the launch of the campaign in 2009, Enbridge has contributed over $700,000 to Project Zero, resulting in the distribution of more than 24,300 alarms in 80 Ontario communities where Enbridge operates.


Project Assist  

Regular training is an important part of being prepared for any hazardous situation.  Project Assist contributes to overall firefighter health and safety by improving access to training materials. 

Since 2012, the Council has teamed up with Enbridge Gas Distribution to select composite and volunteer fire departments to take part in this important campaign.  Each year, Enbridge has provided $100,000 in funding for Project Assist, with each of the selected 20 participating fire departments receiving $5,000 worth of training materials to supplement existing training in firefighter techniques. Since the launch of the campaign 85 Ontario fire departments, in the area where Enbridge operates, have benefited from Project Assist.


Fire Prevention Week   

Through its partnership with the National Fire Protection Association and sponsors, the Council plays a key role in assisting fire departments in this important undertaking by developing campaign materials and creating a focal point that allows fire departments throughout Ontario to deliver the same key messages within their respective communities.  Resource kits containing over 1,500 public education handouts are offered at greatly reduced pricing and provide everything needed for a successful Fire Prevention Week campaign.  It’s a one-stop fire prevention kit that will benefit both the department and the community long after Fire Prevention Week activities are over. 

Plan Ahead

Since 1922, Fire Prevention Week has been observed on the Sunday through Saturday period in which October 9th falls. Here are dates for FPW campaigns:

2017: October 8-14

2018: October 7-13

2019: October 6-12


12 Days of Holiday Fire Safety

In 2016, the Council teamed up with the Toronto Raptors for the Holiday Fire and CO Safety campaign.  The campaign focused on 12 helpful tips against seasonal risks, as well as things that people need to be conscious of throughout the year, such as installing and testing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, developing and practising a home fire escape plan, using candles with care and keeping matches and lighters out of the sight and reach of small children. 

The Council providesd an opportunity for a limited number of fire departments across Ontario to team up with their local media to run a contest featuring the 12 holiday fire safety tips.  Listeners in each community were invited to repeat the daily tip to win a prize package provided by the Council.

Ontario fire departments also attended community events or visited their local mall to distribute public education materials and deliver safety messages to members of their communities.  The Council provided free resource kits to all participating fire departments.  The resource kits, featuring Toronto Raptors fire ambassadors DeMar DeRozen and Corey Joseph, included banners, posters and holiday fire safety tip cards.  They also included prizes for a local draw.  People were encouraged to visit the campaign website to take a fire safety quiz and enter a contest to win Toronto Raptor tickets and other Raptors products.


Safe At Home for the Holidays

The Council in partnership with Kidde Canada, jointly launch the "Safe At Home for the Holidays" media outreach campaign.  Kidde hosts and administers the official campaign website at  The site provides resources for media and promotion partners as well as consumer tips.  The campaign is heightened with the use of social media, television and radio PSAs, radio interviews, web banners and newspaper articles, as well as numerous community articles referring readers to the website.


For more information about any of these campaigns, please contact us at 1-866-379-6668 ext. 105 or e-mail

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