SUN, 19.11.2017 
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Ontario Carbon Monoxide Legislation Resources

Attention all Ontario Fire Chiefs and Public Education Teams

We are pleased to provide materials supporting Ontario's CO alarm law, prepared by the Fire Marshal's Public Fire Safety Council in collaboration with the Hawkins-Gignac Foundation for CO Education.  The materials that are designed to include key details on the new law along with the heartfelt story of John Gignac, uncle of the late OPP Constable Laurie Hawkins who died in Woodstock, in 2008, from CO poisoning along with her entire family.

These informative and impactful resources are designed to resonate with the public and are attached for use by your fire department and municipality. 


PSA Announcement (mp3)


Letter to the Editor (WordDoc):         Media Release (WordDoc)



CO Alarms Image for Website Low Resolution / High Resolution (.jpg):



End the Silence Logos (.jpg):



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Household placement of CO Alarms (.pdf): 


Sources of CO in the Home (.pdf): 

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