SUN, 19.11.2017 
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Level 1 Resources

Learn Not to Burn® is a comprehensive fire safety curriculum for use in schools. Developed by the National Fire Protection Association, "Learn Not to Burn—Level 1" is based on the field-tested results of the original Learn Not to Burn program. It presents five fire safety messages using classroom lessons, activities and home connections. It provides you with maximum flexibility so that it can be taught as a stand-alone fire safety unit or easily integrated into language arts lessons. Throughout the program, you can invite the local fire department into the classroom to support the lessons.

Click HERE to obtain copies of the English Level 1 curriculum for your child care centre or school. Hard copies are available for $3.00 each or can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the images below.

Below are the Level 1 Curriculms in English and French and resources to accompany the lessons.


(Click on the English or French image above to download the full Level 1 Curriculum)

Level 1

Lesson 6: Know When to Stop, Drop and Roll

Video: "Stop, Drop and Roll"   (1:25 minutes)

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